Monday, 22 August 2011

Forget me so Quickly (process)

Forget me so Quickly was the last art project I did before graduating from Cawthra Park Secondary School. For it, I got in touch with 8 people that I had been close to before and asked to paint them for this piece. The imagery was supposed to represent the degradation of memory or something ahha but ended up just being a huge portrait painting exercise. 

This was the process I went through for each of the oil paintings. 

Stage 1
Second layer of paint after initial underlayer (of mostly paint thinner and small amount of paint) done on a acrylic base. Mapping out colours under the surface, also shadows and highlights.

Stage 2
Blocking out major areas of colour, creating more contrast of the surface.

Stage 3
Smoothing out areas and blending more colours. Adding details and highlights. 

Stage 4
Finishing the background, rendering the details (excuse the bad lighting/camera quality on this one) 

The workspace...

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